New Jersey Cash4Life

The Lottery Cash4Life has a truly unique game where you can play and select 5 digits of an array of 60 numbers and select a number, which leads the color green, this last digit you select from the numbers that are on the bottom of the lottery ticket that is valid for each drawing to play.

In case you want to save time, then you have the option to choose a Quick Pick and allow the machine to select your lucky numbers of the lottery ticket cash4life at random. If you run with the great good luck to hit all 6 numbers of the New Jersey cash4life, then you will win a prize of $1.000 per day until the last day of your life. You can also opt to choose the prize "JackPot" equivalent to 7,000,000 dollars.

What happens to the prizes? Well, these awards go directly into the hands of multiple participants or in this case players will receive $1000 per week and the "jackpot" is equivalent to $1,500,000'. The responsible or better said the organizers of these millionaires drawings require the preferences of the players and they must choose if they want to "cash" or prefer the annuity payments. This last option of annuity can be changed at the moment you want to cash and is activated after the draw.

Many are wondering who can play New Jersey cash4life?

It is said that before starting to play and check the results, only persons with the age of majority can participate in the lottery games. Previously the rules of the game were very different, as the only ones who could and had the right to participate in this popular revolution of cash were residents of the United States. The United States now all these rules and these restrictions have been in the past, because everybody can be part of the club New Jersey Cash4Life and become the next Millionaire.

So, if you live in another country, on another continent that doesn't matter, because you can convert in the grand prize winner of the lottery Cash4Life of New Jersey US- and the only thing you have to do is play online from the official website of cash4life and of course you have to be of legal age. All the results of the winning numbers are published once they have completed the drawings.

If I decide to buy a lottery ticket cash4life right now, do I have a chance of winning?

To answer this question as best as possible, first I have to mention that there are 9 categories of awards and this is one of the reasons why people prefer to play the cash4life before playing any other Lotto ticket. However, we had to mention categories:

1. The first category: Matching" 5 Cash Ball" odds of winning 0,000,05%.
2. Second category: "5 numbers" odds of winning of 0,000.01%
3. Third category: "4 numbers cash ball" odds of winning
1. 4 0.001%. 4 fourth category: "numbers" likely to win
2. 5 0.004%. Fifth Category: "3 numbers cash ball" likely to earn 0.07%
3. 6. 3 Sixth Category: "numbers" odds of winning 0.2%
4. 7. Seventh Category: "2 numbers cash ball" odds of winning 1.2%
5. 8. 2 eighth category: "numbers" odds of winning
6. 9 3.57%. Ninth Category: "1 number" odds of winning 7.7%

How can you claim the prize won in cash4life?

The way in which the prize is claimed is quite easy, since once the draw players must check the results on the web page of Chash Depe4life. So if you are the only person who won the grand prize, then it will be a one-time payment of $7 million dollars or you can opt for the option of payment of $7.000 dollars per week for the rest of your life.

The second prize is paid in the same way, the winner has the option to receive a single payment of $1 million dollars or you can receive $1 thousand dollars a week for a year. In the event that you have been the winner and has not reviewed the winning numbers on the corresponding date and passes 1 year without making a cash prize, then that lottery ticket is invalidated, and if by chance you paid a total of $500 or $600 dollars for the unclaimed winning ticket, you can go to the site where you made the purchase and the seller will refund your money.

To receive the prize won, you'll have to go to the facilities of regional service center in the city of New Jersey Lotto and enter a request. So in order to claim the second prize of $1 million or $2 million you should get in touch with the CSL (service center of lotto) Once you have submitted this request to the center, is in an immediate manner are responsible for sending the request to the payment center SchenecTady.

In case you are a player online, you don't have anything to worry about, because the customer service representative of New Jersey cash4life will contact you and will explain the easiest way, fast and secure way to how you can get your prize cattle. Thus it is that we recommend to you are always aware of the results that are announced once the draw, because in this way you will be able to be calm to know whether or not you are the lucky winner of the grand prize or one of the prizes.

The truth is that just seeing all the zeros that accompany the first number of the jackpot, they give you a desire to go running to the first shop selling lottery tickets and make one, but the reality hits you in the face and is that you have to be very lucky to be able to hit at least 3 numbers and win one of the prizes that are not bad at all.

There are hundreds of thousands of people now all over the world who venture to this game of chance with the hope of being crowned as the new winners of the grand prize of cash4life that is equivalent to $7 million.