UK49S – How Do Winners Win?

Winning the UK49’s is easier than you think. If you play the game smart, you can move the odds into your favor and still get a big win. 

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The Way You Play is The Way You Win

Jake from Portsmouth had been playing the UK49s [More Info] since he turned 18 and starting going to his local bookies. Never one to play the national lottery because the odds are so big, he saw the UK49s and thought it would be a wiser place to spend his money as the odds were so much smaller. In 2014 Jake played his first UK49s, but it took him another 8 months until he realized the nuances of the game and since then he has been playing the UK49s very differently, and the winnings have shown him that it was the right choice.

You can’t win every time. You can’t expect to win every time, especially in a lottery draw. What you can do with the UK49s is limit your exposure whilst maximizing the potential winnings. This is what Jake decided to do and he hasn’t looked back since. In his lunch breaks from work, Jake would go the local bookies and fill out a UK49s ticket for the lunchtime draw. Instead of picking 6 numbers and betting 1 GBP as he had been doing up until this point, Jake played less numbers and bet more money. 

Jake doesn’t do the same bets every time, but he also doesn’t play 6 numbers anymore, and claims he never will again! By playing 2-4 numbers you reduce your odds of winning significantly and your chances of matching your balls is much higher. By picking 3 numbers you are likely to have odds of 350/1 (depending which bookies you bought your UK49s ticket at) which is still significant if you win. Jake’s method involves betting more and more money the less numbers you pick. For a 3-number bet with odds of 350/1 – a £10 bet will return £3,500. These winnings shrink in comparison to those of traditional lottery draw games, but the point is that you are actually going to win this amount much more frequently than any traditional lottery winnings. 

The method utilized by Jake (and many others) is to take advantage of the game structure of the UK49s and also take advantage of the frequency of draws. Little and often comes out on top. You might not win every time but if you play the UK49s with discipline and control you can expect to win fairly often. 

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UK49s – You Can Bet Against Yourself…and Win Twice!

Another tip utilized by many UK49s players is to place a double bet: the first bet will be for an outside chance, say 3-4 numbers and the second bet will act as an insurance almost where you play just one number with odds of around 6/1. The method behind this is that you can cover yourself by matching only the one ball even if you lose on your main bet with the 3-4 balls. 

The fact that the UK49s takes place twice a day and the autonomy that it puts in the hands of player allows a UK49s player to take a surgical approach to this game. The key is to win little and often. This is the opposite of the method behind traditional lottery games where the player pays a set amount on the outcome of all the numbers to be drawn. The odds on traditional lottery games are literally out of this world. No one associates these traditional draws with winning little and often – the opposite is true, which is why no lottery game out there is like the UK49s.

Many people play the same tactics as Jake in the UK49s and those that are most disciplined and least impulsive tend to come out on top more often than not. Jake didn’t want to share his total wins and losses on the UK49s but did give us an insight by claiming that in total in 2016 he is up in the thousands, not the hundreds. 

Were sure that there are many other Jake’s out there, quietly going along with their UK49s playing strategy and picking up wins here and there: little often can make a huge difference in the end. 

If you play the UK49s and have a method that you find successful, let us know! We would love to hear all about it.