Is Lotto Send a Trustworthy Website or is Lotto Send a Scam?

Finding a good lottery game to play online is not as easy as it sounds. It can be rather tricky to play and have fun whenever you want, especially if the site you want to use has some specific limitations. But many times, the experience is for the better and there are a ton of exciting moments that you can enjoy, all you have to do is to bring in front a keen eye for detail and a stellar attention to detail. If you do that, it can actually work to your own advantage in the end.

Lotto Send

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Lottosend is the type of site that helps you get the lottery experience you always wanted. Being limited to your country only when it comes to playing lottery games is not that good of an experience. The idea here is to take your time and to avoid rushing the best way you can. It really is a delightful way to take things into consideration and yes, it can be very exciting.

With help from Lottosend, the online lottery experience is a lot better than ever before and it manages to offer some rather rewarding and fun results for you to have. All you need is to know how to approach and tackle all of this, and that’s what you want to know at the end of the day. 

The fact that they purchase tickets for various large lotteries means that you don’t have to do the gruntwork anymore, and this does mean not going to other countries to get the tickets. A lot of people tend to do something like this and it’s not that pleasant at all. This service removes the need for such a thing.

What type of lotteries can you play on Lottosend?

There are quite a lot of them actually. Some of the best examples are EuroMillions, Powerball, El Gordo, SuperLotto Plus and many others. They are also an official representative for Australian lotteries too, which means that you can play if you want and it can be a really fun experience for you to have all the time. Another important type of experience that you should focus on is the group plays.

These group plays are offering you access to some of the best and nicest gaming experiences that you can find whenever and however you want. The results on their own can be pretty exciting and interesting, which is exactly what you may need to have in the end. The great experience that you have here is that you can have a winning guarantee at the American Lotteries. That type of thing is great all the time, and it just goes to show the efficiency that you can obtain from something like this. They do a very good job with the lottery experience, and a lot of people come back to them because of it.

Scanned tickets

Maybe the best thing about Lottosend is the fact that they offer you a scan of the ticket that you played. There are lots of scam websites in the industry, so that can obviously be a very challenging thing to take into consideration. That being said, you will note that there is no Lottosend scam at all. They work very well, with a lot of attention and focus in order to make your betting experience fun. And yes, they are legit and quite impressive as a whole. It’s always a good idea to check them out because you can literally play a wide range of lotteries, so the outcome is nice.


If you win at Lottosend, you will have all the winnings added to your account. Overall, they make this process seamless and fast, which is exactly what you want to have from something like this. We like the great attention to detail here and the fact that you have a ton of purchase options. However, the only way to withdraw money is to add them to your bank account. Adding some other options would be a much better idea, but it’s not really the safest option for you in the end. So, you may want to take that into consideration as much as you can.


Lottosend has a good support team and their response time is very fast. We also liked the Lottosend reviews process because interacting with the support team via phone was a friendly and nice experience overall. The attention to detail is quite amazing to be honest, and they do a stellar job when it comes to offering the user experience some nice results. Plus, if you can’t reach them via phone or don’t want to, you can send them an email or you can use instant chat. The latter option is maybe the best, because you can still work on your stuff while also interacting with their representatives.


We found the Lottosend to look great, but the true benefit here is functionality. They worked hard to make sure that the user experience is great. They also integrated functionality into the mix, something that’s actually very important to have. The outstanding look is complemented by state of the art security and it really is one of the nicest things to have out there.

Pros and cons

Playing on Lottosend is actually great. You get a scanned ticket and the entry promotions that you can receive here are very good. The support team is impressive and helpful, not to mention you get a great support team to help you all the time. The multilingual interface does help you a lot too, so the experience is indeed quite outstanding in the end. There are also a lot of deposit options which are great too. As a whole, you are going to like the uniqueness of the site and the fact that you can play so many lotteries. Sure, they can add more withdrawal options and improve the user account. But even as a whole, this is impressive and great!

Playing Lotteries Online

In the world today, over 60% of the adult population play lotteries. Each week, over 32 million residents of the UK buy lottery tickets. This can be attributed to the fact that lotteries are the fastest source of great wealth in the world today. Not only do they guarantee can they change your life in an instant, they are also relatively easy to play. And with the dreams we all have, it is understandable why a reasonable amount of people plays lotteries to win the huge jackpot amounts which lotteries promise. It is true that all people cannot win the lottery jackpot but at the same time, most people just need an amount of money that will make him/her live a stress-free life. Lotteries offer people that chance to make their dreams in an instant. 

Playing Lotteries Online

While national lotteries offer residents and people of a particular geographic location a chance to live their dreams, international lotteries offer people from all corners of the world that same chance. And there is no better way of playing these lotteries whether international or national, than via online lottery service providers such as and amongst others. These online lottery service platforms are advantageous and used by a wide range of lottery players for the following reasons.

Advantages of Playing Lotteries Online

- Limitless number of choices

A good number of the world’s most popular and largest lotteries are based in the US, Europe and Australia. And it is almost impossible for people to travel from one country to another just to play a lottery. It may be a risk worth taking but a good number of people will not be willing to take that chance. Even if they were willing, the cost of relocation alone is monumental. Playing the lottery online gives people the chance to not only play their national lotteries but also the international ones greatly increasing their choices. With these online lottery platforms, a person in Africa can conveniently play the US Powerball lottery or the Spanish “La Primitiva” by simply logging into his account online and purchasing his ticket. 

- Risk of losing your ticket

Losing a lottery ticket is bad enough as it is. Imagine losing a winning ticket, not just any one – one that wins a jackpot. About two months ago, there was the story of a Powerball winner of $1 million who lost his ticket. Playing your lotteries online eliminates that risk. Because your ticket is purchased online and available online, you can always have access to your ticket. Online lottery service providers keep their tickets in vaults with scanned copies sent to players. As such, players are always sure that their ticket is in their possession eliminating the risk of losing $1 million because you couldn’t find your ticket. 

- Never miss a chance

There are some lottery players who play the lottery only when jackpots reach mammoth amounts. On Saturday, August 23rd, 2017, a single Powerball ticket won a mammoth $700 million. Imagine you were planning to play for that draw but missed it because you didn’t have sufficient information regarding the lottery draws or you didn’t know that the amount had risen to $700 million. Playing your lotteries online will ensure that you never miss such an opportunity again. Most of these lottery websites update the information on their websites regularly keeping players up-to-date. Also, players can choose to receive notifications concerning their favorite lotteries. Some of these websites even have options that let the website should automatically play on the player’s behalf. This makes the playing of lotteries easy and fun. 

- Control how much you spend

It is easy for us to play more to earn more. Lotteries emphasize that players be responsible when playing. However, the fact remains that our dreams increase when jackpot amounts increase. This can make some players to be irresponsible when playing especially if the player has no idea of how much he/she spends in total on the lottery. Playing online reduces the possibility of recklessness when playing lotteries. It is more difficult to keep track of funds spent when the amount is in cash than. Online lottery platforms make this easier as players have accounts which track and keep record of transactions. As a result, players can see how much they spend on playing lotteries giving you total control of your account and funds.

- Cashing out small wins

Most players of lotteries usually end up not cashing out their wins especially winners of small prizes. Each year, over $2 Billion in lottery prizes goes unclaimed in the US. This is because the procedure to cash out the funds sometimes is too hectic for the amount won. It is a lot easier to forget to cash a few hundred bucks than it is to cash out thousands. But with playing lotteries online, players do not have to worry about cashing out these small wins. Most online lottery service providers take charge of claiming lottery wins of players which are deposited in full into the client’s online lottery account. From these accounts, players can then cash out their funds, use the funds to purchase other tickets or spend these funds as they so desire, and all this is possible by simply clicking on an icon or link. 

- Avoid queues.

Many a times, some players miss out on their chance to win a jackpot or a lottery prize simply because they could not purchase a ticket. Purchasing a ticket especially when jackpots and amounts have risen to mammoth amounts can be very difficult and time consuming. Usually, players will have to stand in long queues just to purchase a ticket. Online lottery platforms have eliminated this laborious process. Tickets can be purchased online within a few seconds by simply logging into your account, selecting your favorite lottery, selecting your favorite numbers and clicking play. The online lottery service providers then take over the process and within a few minutes, your ticket is purchased. This makes lottery players to play their favorite lotteries easily, conveniently and completely stress-free.

Some years ago, the playing of lotteries was a laborious task which many were unwilling to undertake. But with the emergence of online lottery service platforms like, and, playing lotteries has never been easier. With a simple click, you could purchase your lottery ticket and stand a chance to change your life in a matter of minutes.

Winning Big in the Oz Lotto

A research made in the field of happiness shows, thinking about winning the lottery is likely to make a person happier. Interesting isn’t it? Now, think about winning the Oz Lotto.

Learn more here: Oz Lotto []

About the Oz Lotto

The Oz Lotto is the first national lotto game in Australia. It is owned by Tatts Lotto Group and is administered by its lottery brand 'the Lott' in all of the Australian States except in Western Australia area where the lottery is administered by Lotterywest. The game was first introduced on February 26, 1994. It is now a popular nationwide lotto in Australia with a guaranteed minimum Division 1 prize pool of whopping $2 million. 

Winning Big in the Oz Lotto

To date, the largest jackpot prize won in the Oz Lotto game was $100,000,000 which was drawn in December 2013. The Oz Lotto goes big with jackpot prices in the millions and with the best odds of winning a prize amongst all other Lotto games.

How to Play the Oz Lotto

To play the Oz Lotto, a player must choose seven numbers from 1 to 45. These game numbers can be chosen manually or randomly using quick pick. The official draws happen every night of Tuesday where nine balls are drawn at a random from 45 balls which are numbered 1 to 45. The first seven balls are the winning numbers and the last two balls are the bonus numbers. These bonus numbers are then used in order to determine prizes for the Divisions 2, 4 and 7.

The standard game of the lottery costs $2.30.

To win the game in the Division 1, a player’s ticket must match seven of the numbers from the draw. There is a minimum of 3 winning numbers plus at least one bonus number necessary to get the chance to win in the lowest division or the Division 7. 

The summary of the winning combinations are as follows:

Division 1 – All 7 main winning numbers

Division 2 – Any of the 6 main winning numbers with 1 or 2 bonus numbers

Division 3 - Any of the 6 main winning numbers

Division 4 – Any of the 5 main winning numbers with 1 or 2 bonus numbers

Division 5 – Any of the 5 main winning numbers

Division 6 – Any of the 4 main winning numbers

Division 7 – Any of the 3 main winning numbers with 1 or 2 bonus numbers

Winning BIG

The chance of winning a Division 1 prize in the Oz Lotto game is one in 45,379,620. The chance of winning any division prize in a single game in the Oz Lotto is one in 87. And the good news is that the odds improve to one in eight when 12 games are played. 

Going back, think about endless holidays with your family, luxurious beach getaways, shopping galore and more. Playing the Oz Lotto lottery game could be your ticket to the life you have always dreamed of. You can continue dreaming or you can get an Oz Lotto ticket now and get your chance to win big in jackpot price.

UK49S – How Do Winners Win?

Winning the UK49’s is easier than you think. If you play the game smart, you can move the odds into your favor and still get a big win. 

UK49s operated by Ladbrokes Coral.

The Way You Play is The Way You Win

Jake from Portsmouth had been playing the UK49s [More Info] since he turned 18 and starting going to his local bookies. Never one to play the national lottery because the odds are so big, he saw the UK49s and thought it would be a wiser place to spend his money as the odds were so much smaller. In 2014 Jake played his first UK49s, but it took him another 8 months until he realized the nuances of the game and since then he has been playing the UK49s very differently, and the winnings have shown him that it was the right choice.

You can’t win every time. You can’t expect to win every time, especially in a lottery draw. What you can do with the UK49s is limit your exposure whilst maximizing the potential winnings. This is what Jake decided to do and he hasn’t looked back since. In his lunch breaks from work, Jake would go the local bookies and fill out a UK49s ticket for the lunchtime draw. Instead of picking 6 numbers and betting 1 GBP as he had been doing up until this point, Jake played less numbers and bet more money. 

Jake doesn’t do the same bets every time, but he also doesn’t play 6 numbers anymore, and claims he never will again! By playing 2-4 numbers you reduce your odds of winning significantly and your chances of matching your balls is much higher. By picking 3 numbers you are likely to have odds of 350/1 (depending which bookies you bought your UK49s ticket at) which is still significant if you win. Jake’s method involves betting more and more money the less numbers you pick. For a 3-number bet with odds of 350/1 – a £10 bet will return £3,500. These winnings shrink in comparison to those of traditional lottery draw games, but the point is that you are actually going to win this amount much more frequently than any traditional lottery winnings. 

The method utilized by Jake (and many others) is to take advantage of the game structure of the UK49s and also take advantage of the frequency of draws. Little and often comes out on top. You might not win every time but if you play the UK49s with discipline and control you can expect to win fairly often. 

Winners Twitter here:

UK49s – You Can Bet Against Yourself…and Win Twice!

Another tip utilized by many UK49s players is to place a double bet: the first bet will be for an outside chance, say 3-4 numbers and the second bet will act as an insurance almost where you play just one number with odds of around 6/1. The method behind this is that you can cover yourself by matching only the one ball even if you lose on your main bet with the 3-4 balls. 

The fact that the UK49s takes place twice a day and the autonomy that it puts in the hands of player allows a UK49s player to take a surgical approach to this game. The key is to win little and often. This is the opposite of the method behind traditional lottery games where the player pays a set amount on the outcome of all the numbers to be drawn. The odds on traditional lottery games are literally out of this world. No one associates these traditional draws with winning little and often – the opposite is true, which is why no lottery game out there is like the UK49s.

Many people play the same tactics as Jake in the UK49s and those that are most disciplined and least impulsive tend to come out on top more often than not. Jake didn’t want to share his total wins and losses on the UK49s but did give us an insight by claiming that in total in 2016 he is up in the thousands, not the hundreds. 

Were sure that there are many other Jake’s out there, quietly going along with their UK49s playing strategy and picking up wins here and there: little often can make a huge difference in the end. 

If you play the UK49s and have a method that you find successful, let us know! We would love to hear all about it.

How to Play the Lottery Online With Syndicates: How to Win a Lottery

What Are Lottery Syndicates?

If you're playing the lottery online and are not leveraging the power of lottery syndicates, then you're undoubtedly leaving money on the table. The fact of that matter is that lottery syndicates, or lottery groups, just straight up work. This is because syndicates follow a little-known secret that every lottery strategy comes back to – they buy more tickets. That's really all there is to it! It sounds boring, but it's effective.

How Do Syndicates Work?

Basically, lottery syndicates are groups of people pooling their money together to buy more tickets, thus increasing the chances for any one individual to win a prize. When you join a lottery syndicate, either in-person or online, your automatically more likely to win the lottery. The only downside to using lottery syndicates is the fact that you'll have to share your winnings with the other people in the group.

Not sure syndicates are for you? So you don't like to share? Think of it this way: Is it better to have a small share in a large jackpot, or to have a whole share of a small prize? When people approach the lottery this way, it just makes more sense.

How to Play Online

Online lottery syndicates will differ slightly with each online provider containing their own rules, requirements, and prices. The syndicate feature may also only be available for specific lottery games, group sizes, and payment options, which is something you must consider beforehand.

Here are a few lotto ticket providers who allow you to play the lottery online with syndicates.

Lottosend – Lottosend is the most popular online lottery ticket service located in the Slovak Republic. They cater to the widest array and variety of players from around the globe including European and Australian players. The company has been at the forefront of the online lottery syndicate group tickets play concierge service for the most popular lottery games such as US Powerball and Mega Millions, and a few more.

LottoLand – LottoLand is a widely popular lottery ticket service located in the UK. They also cater to European and Australian players. The company recently added syndicate features for EuroMillions, Irish Lotto, US Powerball and Mega Millions, and a few more. Group sizes vary. Some groups are made up of 56 entries, while others go as high as 1,008 entries, which drastically increases your odds of winning.

Play Lottery – Play Lottery services players from around the world. Their easy to use syndicate group feature is available for EuroMillions, Millionaire Raffle, UK Lotto, SuperEnlatto, as well as with the major US and Spanish lotteries. Large assortment of syndicate groups are available with Play Lottery – good value.

Lotto Lishus – This company is based in California, USA, and is relatively new to the lottery industry. Lotto Lishus offers 3 different ways to play in syndicate groups, each with their own unique features and benefits. Good value for the money, recommended.

How to Choose the Lottery Game With the Best Odds: How to Win a Lottery

One of the easiest ways and most simple strategies of winning a lottery jackpot is to find the lottery game with the best odds. Lucky for you, we have already done the research for you. The lottery game with the best winning odds for the jackpot prize is definitely the Spanish La Primitiva lottery. Unlike the American lotteries where winning the jackpot prize has odds of 1 in hundreds of millions of tickets, with La Primitiva the odds are a lot better.

La Primitiva Jackpot Odds
La Primitiva Winners, Win up to €101.7 million
La Primitiva Winners, Win up to €101.7 million

1 in 13 million tickets wins the jackpot!

USA Powerball Jackpot Odds

1 in 292 million

Minimum jackpot prize for La Primitiva lottery is €6.5 million and the prize roll-over when no one hits the jackpot. The biggest jackpot on record today for this lottery game is €101.7 million after 56 rollovers in October 2015.

Play La Primitiva Groups Online for Better Odds of Winning

How to win the lottery? That's easy, now you know that there is a lottery game with a minimum jackpot of €6.5 million and the best odds of winning. Another way for even better odds and strengthening your chances further is to buy group tickets, joining a group (or a syndicate) improved your odds even more because each time you join the syndicate you partake in many tickets, instead of just 1, without having to pay for all of those tickets.

But how can you purchase La Primitiva Tickets? That's also easy, with the help of online lottery agents such as Lottosend, that re-sell tickets online for people from all around the globe, you can buy tickets for almost any lottery game including La Primitiva and even join an online group for even better odds.

So what do you think? Are we geniuses or not? Playing the lottery game with the best odds with further help and leverage of joining a group, is one of the best ways to win a lottery!